Don't waste your time on me (blahblahblah18) wrote in hello_group,
Don't waste your time on me

Chu Summer Party

1. Name: Angela
2. Birthdate: April, 1988
3. Age: 18
3. Star Sign: Taurus
4. Height: 153/155 cm (roughly 5' or 5'1.)
5. Favourite Food: Water counts right?
6. Favourite Colour: Blue, purple, and pink/
7. Likes: Dogs, Cats...well, animals in general, music (duh), reading, writing, computer.
8. Dislikes: Being ordered around and unoriginality.
9. Hobbies: Computer, singing, and some more computer.
10. Favourite Current Morning Musume member: Sayumi and Yossie (tie)
11. Favourite Graduated Morning Musume member: Yuuko Nakazawa and Kaori Iida (another tie)
12. Favourite Morning Musume Song: Currently (it changes), Memory Seishun no Hikari
13. Favourite Hello! Project Soloist: Abe Natsumi
14. Favourite Morning Musume subgroup: Tanpopo
15. Favourite non-Morning Musume Hello! Project band: Melon Kinenbi
16. Favourite Hello! Project member ever: Kaori Iida
17. Anything else you would like to add:
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