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Chu! Summer Party!

1. Name: Beth
2. Birthdate: October 7th
3. Age: 16
3. Star Sign: Libra
4. Height: 5'5"
5. Favourite Food: Yogurt
6. Favourite Colour: Green
7. Likes: Fun, good times, friends, japan, jpop, cupcakes, ladybugs, yogurt, school dances, cute things
8. Dislikes: School, annoying kids, siblings, homework, winter, mean people
9. Hobbies: Drawing, reading, ice skating, volleyball, soccer, baseball, horses
10. Favourite Current Morning Musume member: Asami Konno
11. Favourite Graduated Morning Musume member: Ai Kago
12. Favourite Morning Musume Song: Ai Araba! It's All Right!
13. Favourite Hello! Project Soloist: Aya Matsuura
14. Favourite Morning Musume subgroup: MiniMoni or Tanpopo
15. Favourite non-Morning Musume Hello! Project band: ...?? Edit: W
16. Favourite Hello! Project member ever: Ai Kago
17. Anything else you would like to add: I looooove the idea of this community. <33


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I'm gonna advertise my community here, k? <3 It's a Jpop/Hello!Project community dedicated to icons, graphics, mp3's, and info. It's fairly new, so go to suki_yume and sign up! I really would like it to succeed! ♥

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