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1. Name: Felicia
2. Birthdate: 5 January 1988
3. Age: 17
3. Star Sign: Capricorn
4. Height: 153cm
5. Favourite Food: Strawberry cake, Cookie Dough Icecream, Apple bourbon gum, Xiao Long Bao, Dim Sum, Japanese food minus sashimi. (>_< I don't like raw fish.)
6. Favourite Colour: Red!
7. Likes: w-inds.,Tachibana Keita, Cosplay, Anime, BJDs, Mini Moni, W, Otsuka Ai, Disney, Miyazaki films
8. Dislikes: Laggy computers, working under a tight schedule
9. Hobbies: Cosplay, Photoshop-ing, Dancing, Sewing, Playing in general!
10. Favourite Current Morning Musume member: Niigaki Risa and Yoshizawa Hitomi
11. Favourite Graduated Morning Musume member: Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi
12. Favourite Morning Musume Song: Probably Mr Moonlight ~Ai no Big band~, but lately The Manpower has been stuck in my head. XD
13. Favourite Hello! Project Soloist: Nakazawa Yuko, but lately I've been listening to Goto Maki quite alot. XD
14. Favourite Morning Musume subgroup: Minimoni! Love the cuteness! If you meant Shufflegroup-wise, I love 3nin and Salt5 veryvery much <3
15. Favourite non-Morning Musume Hello! Project band: W : D
16. Favourite Hello! Project member ever: O_o woah that's hard. Um.. prolly Kago Ai. XD
17. Anything else you would like to add: GET UP RAPPER AND GET DOWN! : D

Piccuz! Gomen, they're all cosplay photos.. I don't have any photos of me out of costume in my computer. >_>

On the right! Taken in 2003, when I had long hair. : D

On the right cosplaying Kikumaru Eiji. ^^

Cosplaying Syaoran from Tsubasa, but being OOC while posing with the cool Freedom. XD

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