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Get up! Rapper

Come On!

what Hello! Project group are you in?
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All Members , Moderated
This is a Hello! Project rating group, this is not for solo ratings, if you would like to be rated as an individual, go to our sister site



1. Please vote on each persons application, with no more then 2 groups
2. No rudeness or idiots please ><
3. You may only promote your community, if it has to do with Jpop and is a rating community, there are plenty of other communities to whore your group at these days ^^
4. Please include a few pictures of yourself, put them under an LJ Cut please.
5. Only votes that will be counted are members votes
6. To make sure you have read the rules, please put 'CHU! SUMMER PARTY' in the headline title.

1. Name: (please use your REAL name, it doesnt have to be your full name)
2. Birthdate:
3. Age:
3. Star Sign:
4. Height: (in cm or feet)
5. Favourite Food:
6. Favourite Colour:
8. Dislikes:
9. Hobbies:
10. Favourite Current Morning Musume member:
11. Favourite Graduated Morning Musume member:
12. Favourite Morning Musume Song:
13. Favourite Hello! Project Soloist:
14. Favourite Morning Musume subgroup:
15. Favourite non-Morning Musume Hello! Project band:
16. Favourite Hello! Project member ever:
17. Anything else you would like to add:
(~Photos~ behind LJ Cut)

This is a community to rate what group someone would fit in the best with! You will be stamped once you have more then 10 votes of the same group. Here is the groups you may choose from;

Morning Musume
Please choose which period of time Morning Musume you are reffering to.
(Morning Musume by Member Generation)
First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Melon Kinenbi
T&C Bomber
Country Musume First Generation
Country Musume Second Generation
Country Musume Third Generation
Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika First Generation
Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika Second Generation
Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika Third Generation
Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto
Coconuts Musume First Generation
Coconuts Musume Second Generation
Coconuts Musume Third Generation
Coconuts Musume Fourth Generation
Coconuts Musume Fifth Generation
Tanpopo First Generation
Tanpopo Second Generation
Tanpopo Third Generation
Minimoni First Generation
Minimoni Second Generation
Pucchi Moni First Generation
Pucchi Moni Second Generation
Pucchi Moni Third Generation
Sheki Dol First Generation
Sheki Dol Second Generation
Berryz Koubou
Nochiura Natsumi
Hello! Project Kids

Akagumi 4
Kiiro 5
Aoiro 7
3 nin Matsuri
7 nin Matsuri
10 nin Matsuri
Happy 7
Sexy 8
Odoru 11
Salt 5
7 Air
11 Water
Sexy OtonaJan
Puri Puri Pink


Soloist! (pick from Yuko Nakazawa, Yuki Maeda, Michiyo Heike, Aya Matsuura, Miki Fujimoto, Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Maki Goto, Kei Yasuda)

Have i missed any groups? Please tell me ^-^
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