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Chu~ summer partyyy~

1. Name: Amanda, but everyone calls me Ciara (including my teachers...)
2. Birthdate: 11/02
3. Age: 21 (I think I'm near the eldest person in here...)
3. Star Sign: Scorpio
4. Height: (in cm or feet) 5'6"
5. Favourite Food: unagi (eel), Vietnamese eggrolls, Greek and Indian food
6. Favourite Colour: Purple or black
7. Likes: Music, writing, singing. Um, I love dance and other artsy things like painting (even if I suck). And I like some sports like hockey. :D
8. Dislikes: Stupid people, Takahashi Ai, Ishikawa Rika, waking up early, singing in English. And uh, not getting sleep.
9. Hobbies: Linguistics (Spanish, French, Japanese, planning to learn 4 dialects of Chinese, German, Greek, Thai, and Russian), writing of course... dance and music. Also cultural history.
10. Favourite Current Morning Musume member: Yossi or Koharu. I <3 Koharu!
11. Favourite Graduated Morning Musume member: Iida Kaori or Ishiguro Aya.
12. Favourite Morning Musume Song: Wa, only MoMusu? Yume no Naka (first album) or 'Haru no Uta' (6th album), single wise I guess Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~.
13. Favourite Hello! Project Soloist: Iida Kaori or Maeda Yuki.
14. Favourite Morning Musume subgroup: Tanpopo, 1st gen.
15. Favourite non-Morning Musume Hello! Project band: v-u-den. I <3 Erika and Yui!
16. Favourite Hello! Project member ever: Iida Kaori. Though Heike Michiyo...
17. Anything else you would like to add: I'm not loud except around people I know well, I really suck at English as a first language. I'm a political science major and I love historical culture cos I love to learn. ^_^ I'm also terrified of people in general... ^^;;;

This is me and Japanese Seiyuu Seki Tomokazu-san. He's such a sweetie and laughed at my jeans...(they're completely open on the sides and just laced up.)

Same trip, but at the UCSD campus overlooking something. I think it's the library? Oh well.

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